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Humans of St. Louis

Humans of St. Louis collaboration started as a need for book layout and design, and once a need was recognized that the architecture of a book launch required other several moving parts in phases over a thoughful yet flexible calendar, the objective was to build a structure for a non-profit in their first marketing venture. This included brand profile, goals, objectives and limitations of the project, project management, marketing strategy, donor presentation strategy, marketing collateral buildout, and a thoughtful rescan of the book content during the editing process.

the crucial challenge in this venture was to meet the operating standards of a small 501(C)3 while at the same time generating interest and funding for a 300 page book that would interweave personal stories with historical and socio-economic data encompassing the daily lives of St. Louisans. Any editorial venture is going to have a perspective, so how does the book reach a series of conclusions and messages while letting the reader be invited into the narrative rather than dictated a narrative?

Client: Humans of St. Louis
Lead Photographer/Owner: Lindy Drew
Creative Director: Annie Martineau
Editor: Tunde Ogunfidodo
Project Coordinator: Hannah Burtness
Videographer: Jon Alexander