Case Study #38: Frisella Nursery UI Design

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Frisella Nursery Web & Mobile Design Overhaul

Frisella Nursery is a local family-owned and run operation out of St. Louis area. 

The challenge with this assignment was to make a complete redesign and user experience on its desktop and mobile spaces. The site functions more as an educational and inspirational resource and a branding presence, and less of e-comm. 

As the web designer, I was responsible for constructing the wireframes, content architecture (while working closely with client and developer to ensure those decisions being functional and pragmatic all the same), template layout and designing the widgets/details to give the site a modern, approachable, clean feel.

OLD SITE EXPERIENCE: Dated design template, difficulty with SEO, redundancy of information, static, limited storytelling on home page

NEW SITE EXPERIENCE: Visual updates including a masonry style approach, modern design increased white space, more home page stories, updated typography best for live type, consistency of templates and some templates customized based on content, improvement on SEO, improved content management strategy

SITE INTENT: Educational, informational, inspirational


LOOK AND FEEL: Clean, modern, approachable, educational

NEW SITE LAUNCH: November 2016


Old Homepage

Old Homepage