TOKY Architecture Book

inspired by el lissitsky constructivist design movements with a bold, simple branding approach to package 300 pages of architectural case study work, with several rounds of testing phases through color, typography and a system design for the agency to expand its case study work into art/culture, restaurant and education books in a series with the architecture book.

the 304 page editorial book experience is a detailed archaeological dig of toky’s architecture client case studies over the course of 25 years. the process of interviewing toky’s team over the course of 3 months as well as the details of the visual design experience were inherently rooted in what best represents toky’s personality, which is letting the work speak for itself.

2019 SMPS Colorado Award - Print Design

print design and layout
production art
content strategy
content management
project management

Client: TOKY
Creative Director: Katy Fischer
Art Direction/Design: Annie Martineau
Brand Strategist: Katherine Leonard
Copywriting: Katherine Leonard