Ferguson Mural

ferguson mural project

Artist collaboration with the Ferguson Youth Initiative. In the wake of the events in Ferguson following the death of Mike Brown, the voices of protest contrasted with media attention brought Ferguson and the City of St. Louis as a whole to a state of confusion. The voice that was not heard was that of the youth being affected in many ways by social unrest. The overwhelming objective for this project was to provide an open space for area youth to have a cathartic outlet for self-expression. Over the course of three weekends in October 2014, the project, held at Ferguson Youth Initiative headquarters, welcomed teens of all artistic abilities and backgrounds to create the large scale mural. In its second phase after completion, each of the eight panels was temporarily displayed at eight different locations throughout the Ferguson community. The mission of the One Love mural is to inspire a long-term approach to community-building and to underscore the importance of art as an invaluable unifier for social change. The 32 x 8 foot mural is currently on display at UMSL's Gallery 210, as part of a city-wide Outside In: Paint for Peace exhibition, which documents the call and response during the Ferguson protests and community recovery after August 2014. The installation of One Love coincides with the 45th Anniversary of the founding of Gallery 210.



Featured Artist/Activist 2017
COCA + UMSL Paint for Peace Exhibition, “One Love Mural”

Photos courtesy of: Lindy Drew, Humans of St. Louis.