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The Brand Guide

This is a story of an american summer throwback

a solid brand guide is your dna. a sustainable brand guide needs to strategically evolve.

a brand guide represents all of the story pieces that construct a message and visual architecture. For a brand's lifeline, it connects past, present and future. It establishes who, what, where, when, why, how, by infusing a brand history with cultural relevance. The strongest brand stories create a delicate balance with consistency and evolution. These stories understand the need to celebrate and preserve the roots of its identity, while also providing breathing room for exploration. A brand guide establishes a commitment and diligence toward a brand's mission. With expanding competitive markets, it's easier today for a brand to endure identity crises. Consumer needs and markets change at the drop of a hat. In these scenarios, it's important to take a step back and get back to the brand history, and what makes it unique/authentic. 

Below are guides I've built for brands, large and small.