Sizewise 2.0 Microsite

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Sizewise 2.0 Microsite for Naturalizer

In continuing with the previous test experience for Sizewise Microsite in 2013, the following year 2014, Naturalizer creative was tasked with developing an update on this microsite test experience that aligned with core brand as well as seasonal campaign imagery. The primary objective was to execute a more interactive, personalized user experience to generate test search results functionality and data gathering for a determined length of time, which was managed by the marketing department. The emphasis was on the desktop experience for our target audience.

Creative Challenge
Because the main Naturalizer site on the back end was controlled by IT, we were limited on what we could change in the main nav search results experience. Based on results from the previous version, we needed to create an interface in one main frame, while still being interactive to generate search results. Visual design needed to align with the core brand identity as well as harmonize with seasonal campaign imagery. Pieces for other digital channels were rolled out in the form of web banners and social media. 

We wanted a user experience that felt boutique-like, charming, fun, conversational, personalized and simple in the number of click-throughs. We developed animation frames that would guide the user through each step of product search results, and we worked with dev during the user testing phases. While I developed the wireframe, interface design, illustrations and copy tone, another art director collect product and shot photography one afternoon in-house. We wanted props that spoke to size and width in a fun and cheeky way, in line with the brand messaging at the time.  

Data collection paved the way for an entire site overhaul in December 2015, as well as launching an entire interactive department in-house independent of the IT department, which managed site updates.