the preprodeck.jpg

The Pre-Pro Deck

This is a story of an american summer throwback

a solid pre-pro deck sets the tone.

the pre-pro deck represents all of the elements crucial to executing deliberate creative intent. The pre-production process connects those dots with a crew of 5 or a crew of 45, a 5 day shoot or a 5 hour shoot. Most importantly, it is the visual representation of the creative brief. Each pre-pro process is different for every client, and every deck catered to the need of the project, yet fundamentally it serves as a jumping off point for the photographer and crew. It is the foundation for selling in an idea and working out the details, however small, must be addressed during production. The samples below illustrate my 5 years of experience with building the key structural elements to a successful shoot, so that it allows for seamless collaboration and also spontaneity on set.