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Case Study #386: American Summer Shoot

american summer

I worked with St. Louis-based photographer Jay Fram to build out a shoot at a remote location, Johnson's Shut-ins, a natural park that has been virtually unchanged for decades. We established a theme to convey that youthful magic you feel, no matter what age, of summer romance and simple pleasures that nature give you. Because it was a test shoot, I sourced local non-model talent to capture this theme of throwback american summer inspired by the 70s. Shooting untethered, Jay and I ensured a shot list strategy to maximize directional light, lens flare and refracted light in the water. The location was chosen for its timeless, unique natural elements. Styling was chosen to appear intentionally "underground", additionally providing shape and a themed 70s color palette.

Photographer: Jay Fram  |  Creative Director: Annie Martineau  |  Producer: Teresa McAnany  |  Stylist: Adrienne Sandusky  |  Talent: Victoria Sasek, Zelina Bott-Goins, Ian Sasek, Theodore Brookins