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Case Study #29: Bass Ale

Bass Ale Campaign

Bass Ale came to us in 2008 to refresh and rethink the story of their brand. In an effort to be relevant, we researched the history of the brand insomuch as discovering key points in world history where Bass Ale was present - exploration, art, etc. The most important part of this collaboration was that all of the writers and art directors were on board to find the best possible solution. Often times, I would work with 2-3 different writers and share ideas with fellow art directors. That said, over 3 months it took a village.After concept approval, I rolled out options for POS, which are featured below.

The comps you see here include my personal favorite of initial ideation. I like to show the rough idea because it represents something out of the norm in the way of beer advertising. We intentionally went in a direction with a beer brand to not overtly feature the classic shot of the beer because we wanted to communicate the story as having a strong attachment to something historical, as Bass Ale could authentically claim. Consider it an anti-campaign in the visual sense of the word, but an original venture for the brand in its heritage.

That said, the concept that landed our agency an Addy in 2008 was my collaboration with Bob Harris, Senior Writer at the time at Waylon. The idea was enhanced and crafted in production by Peter Rodick, Art Director for final production (last 3 images below)

Client: Anheuser-Busch  |  Creative Direction: Joe Leahy, Dave Swaine  |  Art Direction: Annie Martineau, Peter Rodick  |  Copywriting: Bob Harris, Jake Edinger, Nate Kneezel