if you’ve arrived at this corner of the internet, you might be asking yourself, "what the hell does she do?"

Basically, I make things happen. All while not being an asshole about it.

I make building blocks. I make connections. I make a mess. I make pre-pro shotlists. I make moodboards. I make campaign architectures. I make video concepts. I make the tough calls. Sometimes, I make a fool of myself. I make metaphorical gold out of straw. I make images. I make conversation starters. I make budgets work hard. I make every line count, thick or thin. I make a little noise here and there. I make harmony by design and with a purpose. If you're lucky, I'll make you laugh. 

I make things because, plain and simple, I am a advocate for the pursuit of truth - whether grand in ambition or simple in execution, whether heavy in mood or ironic in delivery. Sometimes it's scary, sometimes frustrating, but most of the time it's an ongoing evolution of a new kind of jigsaw puzzle to solve. And if you're missing a piece, sometimes you have to make a new one.

This body of work is just a thought-starter. There are creative movements out there that we haven’t built yet.

An analog approach is a about building a creative process rooted in the fundamental truth of the story you're trying to tell.

I'm not afraid of pencils and erasers.

Annie Martineau,
Analog Studio